Funny video: man-eater stole a catch from the hands of fishermen

The men in the video screamed in fright, but standing next to the child ran from the side of the ship

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Курьезное видео: акула-людоед украла улов из рук рыбаков

White shark grabbed the catch from the fishermen

With a representative of a fishing club, Sportfishing mark Columbia coast, which has taken a group of tourists on a fishing trip on Saturday, July 20, there was a curious incident. The fact that during a holiday in Cape cod Bay in the us state mA shark-eater, also known as the white shark, scared the boy and ate caught by the fishermen catch.

Watch the video: the man-eater drew his catch from the hands of fishermen

The video portal has published MassLive, hear the participants of the excursion cried from fright. The small child immediately ran away from the ship. Costa is sure that in front of them was a shark-eater. “We just swam into the deep and caught two fish, recalls captain of the ship. – Pulled the fish, and see for yourself what happened: this creature jumped out and grabbed our catch. Directly in front of us. It was pretty impressive”.

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The white shark or man-eater – species cartilaginous fishes monotypic genus of the white shark. Found in waters of all oceans except the Arctic. Is one of the largest predatory fish. Females are larger than males and on average grow to 4.6–4.8 m in length. There are only 3.5 thousand individuals.

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