Funny video: the lions pulled out of the ground wild boar and warthog

The movie managed to take in the South African Kruger national Park

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Курьезное видео: львы достали из-под земли кабана-бородавочника

Hunting lions in the national Park, South Africa caught on video

Tourists managed to take video of two lions, reaching out of the ground wild boar and the warthog. Hunting footage filmed in South Africa’s Kruger national Park, reports the Daily Mail.

At posted online footage shows how one of the predators begins to dig, and then he is joined by another. They moved out of the land of the warthog, which is beeping and trying to get out. Both beast clamped the victim in its mouth until the moment it stops moving.

Watch the video: the lions pulled out of the ground wild boar and warthog

“They took the warthog out of the hole with such force that even tore out the roots of the Bush,” said 29-year-old Lategan Causey, an employee of the Park.

Kruger national Park lies in the North-East of South Africa. Its territory is inhabited by about a thousand lions, elephants 12 thousand, 2.5 thousand buffaloes, leopards about a thousand and five thousand rhinos.

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Warthogs is a genus of hoofed mammals from the family of pigs. The genus name is derived from borodachah skin growths on the sides of the head, which are particularly visible in males. Fangs very clear, rise by 25.5-36.5 cm, females slightly less. The diet of these animals consists mainly of plants but sometimes warthogs eat small animals. They inhabit open and semi-open landscapes in Africa South of the Sahara.

We will remind, in a network there was video of the epic fight of a lioness with Buffalo. In addition, the “Today” wrote that in France, a lion attacked the trainer: the man was in surgery for five hours. After the attack, the lion decided in the circus no longer hold — the animal was transferred to the zoo.

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