Furnish room, it is possible… provided you pay the double

Meubler local, c'est possible... à condition de payer le double

Equip the apartment with furniture and products made in Quebec, it is possible. According to our calculations, it should, however, be prepared to pay a little more than two times more expensive… and to invest time in shopping.

While many Quebecers are in full shopping post-move, we’ve compiled a list of furniture, accessories and basic products found in most homes.

We then compared the prices of these items when manufactured in Québec compared to items in low prices, regardless of their place of manufacture.

In this experience – not scientific, but representative of what can live in a typical household, the total price amounted to 8460,34 $ by choosing products from quebec, compared to 4 183 $ for low-priced products, regardless of their origin. Buy quebec cost so 4 277$ more, that is 102 % more expensive.

Beyond the price, it is also necessary to take into account the complexity of the mission.

There are several manufacturers in quebec for most of the items that we have identified, but it should be ready to invest time in research, as well as phones, or to ask questions to verify the origin of the products, which is not always clearly indicated.

The exercise allowed us to identify some findings

▶ Some of the products that seem to be untraceable, or at least very difficult to find. After several days of online shopping and in-store, we have not found any leads-toilet, bucket, frying pan, or full set of dishes manufactured in Quebec.

The platform of shopping for furniture quebec M2GO offers a loveseat in gray manufacturer quebec Furniture Belisle $926

▶ It is necessary to use caution and don’t confuse “manufacturer” and “retailer”: a lot of products made in Québec are found in banners international, as the brand Nexera, on sale, for example at Walmart. On the other hand, québec retailers selling furniture manufactured abroad, including Bouclair or Linen Chest.

The Market Store sells blinds in fake wood, of size 36 by 45-inch, 42 per unit.

The quebec company Bouclair offers blinds, manufactured in China at $15.

▶ Sometimes, buying local costs only a little more expensive : the difference of the price varies greatly depending on the type of product purchased. The biggest price differences that we found are the level sets of chairs and tables for the kitchen (378%), furniture office (220%), blinds (219%) and sofas (172%). The lowest gaps were in the storage bins for clothing (14%) and appliances (44%).

During our shopping online, the furniture company quebec Rouillard spelt his office chair Lead X at a price of$540.

The company’s online shopping american Wayfair sells the work chair ergonomic Halverson about 117 $

If factors other than the prices are obviously a consideration when making such purchases, as the quality of the products as well as the working conditions of the people who have made, it remains that the amount of the invoice can be the determining factor.

Appliances and Fittings Longueuil, a smaller retailer, offer good prices in the appliances, as for this pair of washers/dryers in 1 195 $.

The canadian retailer the Brick offers a washer dryer of mark Inglis just 898$.

Cubes storage black points of Gauthier’s Studio are sold at a price of $ 15 per unit.

At Walmart, cubes storage Codi IDesign grey sell 13,97 per unit.

Quebecers are they willing to invest so much for eating local?

In a survey conducted by Leger during the pandemic, the respondents indicated that they were prepared to pay just 5 % more to buy local.

And more purchases are impressive, plus the “premium local” can be off-putting.

“This percentage [that the people are willing to pay more to eat local] is not the same if you’re talking about a tomato versus a sofa that represents the $ 2000, said Cyntia Darisse, vice-president at Light. The industry of furniture is going to have a greater sensitivity to price.”

The desire to buy local, however, appears to be present in several of Quebec.

In the survey conducted from 28 April to 3 may, 27 % of respondents said they had increased their local purchases since the beginning of the pandemic, and 58 % were in the near future.

“At this time, buying local is a trend, and consumers are proud to display that they are buying local. This is also a factor very facilitating,” observed Ms. Darisse.

And to buy local while saving, there is also the option of the second hand, stressed the director of the Observatory for responsible use of School of management sciences of the Université du Québec à Montréal, Fabien Durif.

“[A consumer] can fetch some furniture which is manufactured locally at sites of second-hand”, if he knows some of the marks to advance and he knows what he’s looking for, he pointed out.

Prices valid between 26 June and 2 JulyLocal purchasing ($)Low price ($) Difference ($) %
Appliances (stove, washer/dryer, microwave and refrigerator)3 189,952 21197944
Storage bins for clothes (three baskets).47,8541,91614
Work desk + chair 787246541220
Set of mattress, bed base, bed base, bed linen, duvet and pillows1506661,84844128
Paint (a pot, pearl grey, 3.78 litres)33181583
Cloth and dish towels (one unit) 1711,25651
Bedside Table9444,9749109
A table and two chairs for outside49926923086
A kitchen table and four chairs1170245925378
Tool box base81,6549,673264
Blinds (-36 ” x 45po) 47,871533219
Household cleaning products (broom, dust pan, mop, all purpose cleaner, dish soap and laundry detergent)61,0229,4632107
Total8 460,34 $4 183 $ 4 277 $ 102 %


The survey was carried out on the web at 1502 Quebec, from April 28 to may 3, 2020. The respondents were drawn from the panel of Light, which is representative of the population.

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