Futsal: Facing Lodève Larzac for a 100% Hérault duel, the Montpellier reserve in quest of the Occitanie Cup

Futsal: Facing Lodève Larzac for a 100% Hérault duel, the Montpellier reserve in quest of the Occitanie Cup

Les Montpelliérains veulent finir la saison en beauté. MMF – MMF

Le Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal affronte Lodève Larzac Futsal en finale de l’épreuve régionale à Saint-Gaudens, ce samedi (20h30).

Helped with the accession of its flagship team to Division 1, Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal could well see its season end with fireworks thanks to its reserve team.

The Montpellier residents travel to Saint-Gaudens in Haute-Garonne to face, in the final of the Occitanie Futsal Cup, an opponent that they know well and that they don't know well. failed to beat this season in the championship: Lodève Larzac Futsal.

"Regional supremacy"

Since several players from the Northern Hérault club have played in recent years with the MMF jersey, this 100% Hérault duel will have a special flavor. "They are also the executives of this team, smiles Mamy Rafidy, the Montpellier coach who makes up the technical staff with captain Mohamed Ghoubir and Soufiane Laachir. There will be a taste of revenge against friend-enemies. This match will determine regional supremacy."

After a "up and down" season, according to the Hérault technician, the MMF has the opportunity to add a new line to its list of achievements after winning the third place in its group in Regional 1 ahead of … Lodève and Empire 66, a club that he eliminated in the semi-final (5-2, on May 18): "These two teams did better than us, in some ways so the logic was respected even if we could have done better."

"We want to win it"

This Saturday at 8:30 p.m., the cards will be reshuffled for a final which should offer a magnificent spectacle between two teams who know each other well and who will try everything to win the regional trophy: "C& ;rsquo;It’s always satisfying to play for a title, to finish among the two best teams in the region in this competition, concludes Mamy Rafidy. It was not a stated objective but now that we are here, we want to win it. We are going to have a great experience at the Occitanie level."

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