Future orderlies also always motivated

De futurs préposés aux bénéficiaires toujours aussi motivés

Most students in accelerated training to become orderlies are always motivated and are looking forward to start working.

Several are on the point of starting the internship in CHLSD, which has raised some concerns this week among current workers.

The latter fear, in particular, that the arrival of interns represents an overload of work.

But for some of these future trainees, these fears are not justified.

“It has so much heart to go help these people on the floor to take care of these people who need it. Yes, I think we’ll be ready”, informed Ms. Paillé, a future clerk of Trois-Rivières.

This lady is 57 years has decided to answer the call to go and help in NURSING homes.

It is estimated that this training will largely respond to this call and to make an appropriate work with seniors.

“We are proud to go there. I think we are ready to begin with them, to help them. There is a lot of emphasis also on the COVID-19, it is quite certain. It was an excellent training for that. One enters in the middle of the COVID-19, then he should really be ready for it”, she adds.

“You know, in the beginning of the course, we will really be there to see how it goes, even if it was a training really exceptional with our teachers.”

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