G7? G8? G11? The more the merrier, the more we have fun!

G7? G8? G11? Plus on est de fous, plus on s’amuse!

In normal times, the leaders of the most industrialized countries would be brought together – at this precise moment, here in Washington – to make the point on some of the most severe crises the world has known since the end of the Second world War. The G7 summit had to be postponed. It was not done. And before long, it will be more.

The members of this select club, including Canada, is shared, in rotation, the organization of the annual meeting. This is about the only time of the year where we hear about the group. The news has brought back into memory, this week, the last time that Canada has assumed this responsibility : the disastrous summit of Charlevoix in 2018.

Tensions, already high between Canada and the United States because of the tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum canadian, had degenerated after the departure of Donald Trump and critics renewed of Justin Trudeau at a press conference. The differences had pushed Peter Navarro, an adviser to the u.s. president, to claim that there was a special place in hell for people like Trudeau.


John Bolton, former national Security adviser, Donald Trump, is back on this summit and brings, according to the excerpts published his memoirs, The Room Where It Happened, a new light on a moment immortalized by a series of photos where the leaders are the face of the american president who looks at them with arms crossed.

On the defensive ? Thoughtful ? Stubborn ? Inflexible ? No ! Bolton said that Trump was simply not prepared for this summit and did not understand the issues. It makes you dizzy, just thinking about it.

The organization of the G7 summit returns, this year, to the Americans. And in spite of the pandemic, the president keeps or, better yet, as confirmed by his press secretary : “The president thinks that there could be no better example of reopening in this transition to greatness that the holding of the G7 in person here. “

Donald Trump has been stopped in his tracks by the German chancellor : it is too early, according to Angela Merkel, to meet the seven leaders and the hundreds of members of their entourage. Everything is carried over in September, but the american president is a nice rifle and the rumor that it is to punish Merkel as he announced the reduction by half of the u.s. troops based in Germany.


The american president flirting with the idea of bursts back onto the scene this grouping of rich countries. “The G7 does not correctly represent what is happening in the world. “he said recently to a group of correspondents onboard Air Force One, the presidential plane. It is not wrong.

He is considering inviting India, South Korea and Australia – strong democracies – but also Russia, abandoning himself once more to his fascination for Vladimir Putin, a strong leader as he likes.

This idea will not pass, Canadians and the British have flatly said no. Another will eventually have the upper hand : we can’t leave huge nations struggle to defend democracy and the market economy, and stay – we, the rich – at the top of our business.

From G7 to G20… with all the varieties

G7 | Group of seven most industrialised countries (since 1975)

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. France
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Italy
  7. Germany

G8 : (1997 to 2014)

  • G7 plus Russia, which is excluded after the invasion of the Crimea

G10 : The 10 largest democracies

  • G7 plus India, South Korea and Australia
  • An idea which the british prime minister Boris Johnson is promoting

G11 : The G7 is improved, according to the president Trump

  • G7 plus India, South Korea, Australia and Russia

G20 : 19 largest economies plus the european Union (since 1999)

  • 90 % of the world gross product
  • 80% of world trade
  • 2/3 of the world’s population
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