Gad Elmaleh affected by the accusations of CopyComic : “It is very, very violent, it is an insult”

Gad Elmaleh affected by the accusations of CopyComic : “it is very, very violent, it is an insult”

It is a Gad Elmaleh sans filter viewers An ambition that is intimate have been able to discover on Monday 16 December 2019 on M6. The comedian was entrusted with Karine Le Marchand about his career and, in particular, on the accusations of plagiarism of CopyComic, which have affected.

Guest this Monday 16 December 2019 the issuance of An Ambition, Intimate, on M6, Gad Elmaleh is back on his long career in humor. Difficult for the humorist for them to share with Karine Le Marchand not to mention accusations of plagiarism from CopyComic of which he was the target in the beginning of the year. As a reminder, last January, the Youtube channel was accused via several videos of having plagiarised many colleagues, among whom George Carlin, Sailor, Matte, Richard Pryor, Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C. K, Dany Boon, Titoff, The Unknown, or even Dieudonné…

Gad Elmaleh wounded by the accusations of plagiarism of CopyComic

He admits to having been wounded by these charges. “It touches me it is…”, he begins, excited. “I don’t know what to say to that. I claimed my inspiration from other comedians since all the time. It is the people with whom I’ve worked, I’ve learned a lot and I owe them a lot. These are my friends even. But the injustice of typing on the job, that is to say, the guy who dedicates his life to the work : “You work, not really in fact, it is not very honest”, and that is very, very violent. It is an insult, in fact ! And then it is against the success. What could be better than to attribute someone’s success to dishonesty ? But if it is enough to take the jokes of people to make a great career…” Whereas a real man-hunt was launched against CopyComic, Gad Elmaleh said that he has not sought to enquire about the identity of the owner of the youtube channel.

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