Gad Elmaleh VS CopyComic : the war continues, the identity of the youtubeur unveiled !

Gad Elmaleh VS CopyComic : la guerre continue, l'identité du youtubeur dévoilée !

Gad Elmaleh VS CopyComic : the war continues !

The war between Gad Elmaleh and CopyComic continues ! Through her lawyer, Me Isabelle Wekstein-Steg, the comedian, has asked the justice to ensure that the information (name, email address, telephone number, IP address) of the page Facebook du youtubeur him will be revealed… what he got !

If Gad Elmaleh is explained on Europe 1, after the accusations of plagiarism that it is the subject, the comedian seems determined to continue the war he is waging against CopyComic ! After the release of two videos in which the comedian is accused of having plagiarised many of his confreres, French and american, this one took things seriously and made use of the lawyers to request the suspension of the videos on Twitter. A request he got, before that the social network changes his mind three days later.

“The guy is bent…”

But the interpreter of a Beloved does not stop there : according to CopyComic, it also asked through his lawyer to Me, Isabelle Wekstein-Steg to what Facebook reveals the identity of the person who hides behind CopyComic Videos… what justice has granted him / her ! “His lawyer is placed by a French judge and sum Facebook to communicate to him my info!!! Apparently I miffed harder as he said… The guy works…”, he tweeted.

Copycomic worried

The one who wishes to preserve his anonymity, sees it to be put in danger, as he explained to the Parisien : “Twitter had suspended the tweets, I managed to make “cancel” the complaint, and therefore the suspension. Here, with Facebook, I don’t have a grip on the following, and their email informs me (not that they are studying the request but that they are going to send him the info (if not already done) because the order of the French judge obliges them to do so lawfully.” What to worry about : “For all you say, I “fear” that is identified to be one of my knowledge that it is possible that I used a personal info when making a connection to Facebook… This person does not know that I am CopyComic, but most of all, I don’t want other to have trouble because of me.”


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