Gadgets, toys and consoles: brad pitt indulges the whims of children, “to persuade them to their side”

Гаджеты, игрушки и приставки: Брэд Питт потакает капризам детей, чтобы «склонить их на свою сторону»

Recently it became known that brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally reached agreement in the matter of custody of children

Hollywood couple divorce which lasted for more than two years, was able to resolve the problem before the hearing. The results of the agreement of the fans do not say, but, it seems, the couple will jointly raise their children. Insiders said that such a result brad achieved only through the satisfaction of all their whims.

Over the last couple of years, pitt did not often see children as he would like. Most of the time the actor spent with them also in the company of a therapist, to prove that on his part the safety of children threatens nothing. So brad was happy to compensate for all the trouble he indirectly provoke, performance designer whims of their heirs. Insiders report that it helped pitt to recruit children to their side, when it came to custody.

“In the house Angelina is nothing like it. Brad also buying tons of cool gadgets, gaming consoles and things like that, which are so popular with children. So he wants to convince them to live with him,” says the informant. Most likely, Shiloh, Maddox, pax, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne still remains to live with her mother, however, is without a doubt cool gadgets the home of the father will also be very tempting for them.

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