Gaëlle Garcia Diaz talks about his discomfort in the clip “Allo Maman Bobo”

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz talks about his discomfort in the clip “Allo Maman Bobo”

After her videos with Studio Danielle, EnjoyPhoenix and Cuckoo The Girls, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz is back today in music on YouTube. The program ? The clip dark of his latest song “Allo Maman Bobo” in which she talks about the critical, complex, or ill-being physical.

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz back with Allo Maman Bobo

If Gaëlle Garcia Diaz is known for her videos on YouTube, she works also in the music. Passionate about singing since a very long time, the ex of Jimmy Labeeu started to rap with the clip Dirty before revealing a bit more dark titled Natasha and her surprising Sucia in feat with MC Bin Laden. Today, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz draws her last single. His name ? Allo Maman Bobo.

The artist talks about including a certain ill-being and of the insults received by the haters : “Allo allo, allo maman bobo / It treats me, a bitch on all networks / Allo allo, allo maman bobo / I am no longer a dodo, I am wrong in my skin / You treat me girl easy, because in my line there is a string / In my wound and the salt, ‘need to suffer to be beautiful’ / Have two fingers to jump into the void even if you have me cut off the wings.” The buddy Natoo illustrates these words of a clip enough dark in which we see him remove his heart before he is eaten by his look-alike. And a good appetite !

Users validate

Allo Maman Bobo by Gaëlle Garcia Diaz has a small effect on the viewers. Whether it is the music or the clip, the Tweeters validate as evidenced by their messages : “The clip Gaëlle Garcia Diaz ‘Allo Maman Bobo’ this is a masterpiece“, “The song of Gaelle Garcia Diaz, Allo maman bobo it’s just super well-written and it’s beautiful…“, “The clip Gaëlle Garcia Diaz and his music, we talk about it? I like a lot too“, “the new video by Gaëlle Garcia Diaz is wow“, “I like the new sound of Gaëlle Garcia Diaz“.

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