Gaetan (Married at first sight 3) as a couple ? It responds

Gaetan (Mariés au premier regard 3) en couple ? Il répond

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Claire (Married at first sight (3) and Gaëtan still married ? The index, which gives hope !

While Married to the first next 3 is being broadcast on M6, viewers investigate to find out if Claire and Gaëtan, are still together and are trying to detect the slightest cues. When asked about the situation sentimental today, the candidate has answered. Then, in couple or single ?

Between Nolwenn and Florian, Elodie and Steven or even Marlene and Lisa, the couples of this third season of Married at first sight tear. Viewers are delaying all their hopes into Claire and Gaëtan, a couple in which they believed and yet the least in the beginning of the adventure. And for good reason, had not begun between the two candidates. Not only Clearly admitted that he did not like it, but she was cold and suspicious as he confessed to have always been unfaithful in his past relationships.

Always together ?

But over our honeymoon in Iceland, in charge of customer 31-year-old dropped his guard and opened more and more his heart. So will they stay together ? This is the question that everyone asks. Today, they seem quite close, to the point of FaceTime during the broadcast of the program. In addition to the ring you could see the finger Clear of it, she said to a visitor that he was mistaken in assuming that it was mounted only on Paris…

The couple and 100% true !

For his part, the former bartender told in story Instagram today for lovers, couple and 100% true ! But be careful, it does not say who is the happy elected. Is it Claire or someone else ? If the indications that the couple formed by the experts of the show is still together today, nothing is less sure. Gaëtan has shared on his account Instagram a photo of him in the company of another young woman, Claire, what’s more, taken in the south… Don’t play with our emotions ?


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