Gaitan about his work: “People often marry under my songs”

The actress also admitted, why not hurry to release new songs

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Гайтана о своем творчестве: "Люди часто женятся под мои песни"


Program “Ranok z with Ukraine” the channel “Ukraine” spent the day with Gaitana and learned how singer is preparing for a solo concert, how to choose the stage outfits, and why be wary of new hits.

Just a few days Gaitana will give a solo concert in Kiev, the singer has already procured a few new hits, but to produce their she is in no hurry.

“The new program often scares people. Usually they say, “This is my favorite artist, I want to go to her concert, but she’s going to sing all of the unknown songs, and I want to hear the songs,” said Gaitan in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Гайтана о своем творчестве: "Люди часто женятся под мои песни"


However, the artist understands that no new material anywhere! Before you write new songs, the star examined the demand. And that’s what happened…

“A well-known footballer said thanks to the song “Vdsalaw” he and his wife had a daughter. I also know that people often marry under my songs, so the next hit will be called – “Called” – announced in the broadcast channel “Ukraine” Gaitan.

Recall that Gaitan told about her little daughter. Previously, Gaitan admitted that was a drug addict.

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