Gala Quebec Cinema: the year of the women

Gala Québec Cinéma: l’année des femmes

After being shown on our screens and at international film festivals in 2019, the directors of québec will shine again on Wednesday evening at the next edition of the Gala of Quebec Cinema, where they have received a record number of nominations. A recognition that they have not stolen, claim they.

The government’s measures to achieve parity between men and women in the middle of the film seem to have already borne fruit : in the past year, several québec feature films made by women were displayed. And these are the same films that have received the most nominations in the edition 2020 of the Gala Quebec Cinema.

No less than six of the seven films nominated for the Iris for best film have been made by women. And three of these filmmakers are in the running for the award for best director.

It is the drama It was raining birds, by Louise Archambault, who has obtained the most nominations, is thirteen. The comedy-drama The wife of my brother, of Monia Chokri, follows with eleven citations. Movies Antigone by Sophie Deraspe and Kuessipan of Myriam Verreault have also made a great showing with eight and seven nominations.

Antigone , Sophie Deraspe”>

Antigone by Sophie Deraspe

For the directors nominated this list of finalists reflects very well the last year of quebec cinema.

“I don’t have the impression that it has been engineered to meet to the air of time, because these are all films that have had success in festivals and in theaters in 2019 “, observes the director of Young Juliet, Anne Émond.

“It is sure that the new measures [of parity] have made sure that there were more films made by women in the last year. But I think there’s also a part of magic and coincidence in there. “

Kuessipan of Myriam Verreault”>

Kuessipan of Myriam Verreault

Filmmaker Myriam Verreault (Kuessipan) recalls that several of his female co-workers named this year were already working as directors well before the measures of parity are introduced :

“For me, 2019 is not just the year in which there have been several films made by women. It is also the year where we proved that it was capable of. If there are people who feared that the quality of the films decrease with measures of parity, they are shut in the last year. “

Diversity of genres

The wife of my brother of Monia Chokri”>

The wife of my brother of Monia Chokri

Tired of hearing about the debate on parity, Monia Chokri (The wife of my brother) preferred to emphasise the variety of films that have been nominated this year :

“Beyond the fact that there are many women nominated this year, this is what excites me the most is that we now have in Quebec, a large diversity of genres,” observes the director, who has received the prize ” coup de coeur du jury un certain regard, Cannes film Festival, in the past year.

“There are comedies, dramas, genre films. One of the ambitions of film. And all of our styles are very different from one filmmaker to another. Between Sophie Deraspe, Anne Émond, Xavier Dolan and me, we do not have the same type of film. ”

One thing is for certain, the directors will not have the opportunity to celebrate together this year of quebec cinema, very feminine. Because of the pandemic, the gala will be presented online, and especially without an audience.

“Obviously we would have liked to celebrate all together. But it is a particular context, and you have to live with, ” concluded Louise Archambault, who won nominations for two of his films, It was raining birds , and Thank you for everything.

It was raining birds by Louise Archambault”>

It was raining birds by Louise Archambault

The Gala Québec Cinema will be presented on Wednesday 10 June from 19 h.

Our choices and predictions

♥ = Choice

★ = Prediction

Best film

  • Antigone
  • Fabulous
  • The wife of my brother
  • It was raining birds
  • Young Juliet
  • Kuessipan
  • Mafia Inc

Best first film

  • Mad Dog Labine
  • Sympathy for the devil ★ ♥
  • The twentieth century

Sympathy for the devil“>

Sympathy for the devil

Best achievement

  • Monia Chokri – The wife of my brother
  • Guillaume de Fontenay – Sympathy for the devil
  • Sophie Deraspe – Antigone ★ ♥
  • Matthew Rankin – The twentieth century
  • Myriam Verreault – Kuessipan

Best-case scenario

  • Louise Archambault – It was raining birds
  • Jean Barbe, Guillaume de Fontenay, Guillaume Vigneault – Sympathy for the devil
  • Sophie Deraspe – Antigone
  • Anne Émond – Young Juliette
  • Naomi Fountain and Myriam Verreault – Kuessipan

Best actress

  • Anne-Elizabeth Bossé – The wife of my brother
  • Anne Dorval – 14 days, 12 nights
  • Léane Labrèche-Dor – laugh
  • Andrée Lachapelle – It was raining birds ★ ♥
  • Naomi O’farrell – Fabulous

It was raining birds.”>

Gilbert Sicotte and Andrée Lachapelle in It was raining birds.

Best actor

  • Robin Aubert – Young Juliette
  • Marc-André Grondin – Mafia Inc
  • Patrick Hivon – The wife of my brother
  • Niels Schneider – Sympathy for the devil
  • Gilbert Sicotte – It was raining birds

Best supporting actress

  • Micheline Bernard – Matthias and Maxime
  • Juliette Gosselin – Fabulous
  • Micheline Lanctôt – laughter
  • Eve Landry – It was raining birds
  • Genevieve Schmidt – Liar

Best supporting actor

  • Robin Aubert – Thank you for everything
  • Sergio Castellitto – Mafia-Inc
  • Pier-Luc Funk – Matthias and Maxime
  • Sasson Gabai – The wife of my brother
  • Rémy Girard – It was raining birds

Revelation of the year

  • Catherine Chabot – Liar
  • Sharon Fountain-Ishpatao – Kuessipan
  • : Alexane Jamieson – Young Juliette
  • Nahéma Ricci – Antigone ★ ♥
  • Lilou Roy-Lanouette– Jouliks

Best direction of photography

  • Yves Bélanger – 14 days 12 nights
  • Nicola Canniccioni – Kuessipan
  • Josée Deshaies – The wife of my brother
  • Mathieu Laverdière – It was raining birds
  • André Turpin – Matthias and Maxime ★ ♥

Matthias and Maxime“>

Matthias and Maxime

A gala on the sofa

Had it not been for the COVID-19, the Gala Quebec Cinema would have taken place under its usual form tomorrow evening, with the audience and red carpet. But pandemic is forcing, it is in a formula re-invented, and especially adapted to the constraints of the current crisis that the awards will be presented Wednesday evening.

The gala, “mode confinement” will take place in two stages : the first party hosted by Élise Guilbault, Guillaume Lambert and Mani Soleymanlou, which will be broadcast online on the platforms of Radio-Canada and ARTV as of 19 h.

Then, at 21 pm, the festival continues with host Jean-Philippe Wauthier for a special edition of his show, good Evening, good Evening ! during which the four Price Iris, which have not been awarded at the gala online – best picture, best actress, best actor and audience Award – will be awarded.

“I think that in the circumstances, we managed to find a way to be interesting and dynamic to submit our prices,” says the director general of Quebec Cinema, Ségolène Roederer.

“It was called Gala on the sofa because it’s going to be a really gala web. It will not be a sub-gala tv because we don’t have the means to make the variety. We wanted to organize a gala that would allow us to enhance the value of our cinema and its artisans. One has the impression of creating something new with a lot of constraints, but also a great desire to do something good. “

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