Gala-show “League of laughter” will give the Ukrainians an incredible evening, what surprises await viewers

Гала-концерт "Лиги смеха" подарит украинцам невероятный вечер, какие сюрпризы ждут зрителей

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today, 22:15

On Friday, pre-holiday evening, the Ukrainians will have the opportunity to have a good time in front of TV watching a fun show.

On Friday evening, March 6, at the channel “1+1” will be an incredible -hour marathon of “League of laughter”. For the first time in the history of the project the audience will be able to watch two premiere issue of “League of Laughter”, which will begin at 20:25 and 22:25.

Note that jomki two parts of the Gala concert was held in early February in Odessa.

viewers will find many interesting things.

1. Wrestling coaches for the team

Only in this game the viewers will witness as the stars coaches will choose their teams for the whole year. Recall that in the sixth season of the humorous project to compete with each other will be Vladimir Dantes and Nadia Dorofeeva, in the new role of a coach is debuting Natalia Mogilevskaya, and Stanislav Boklan, Yuri Tkach, Igor Lastochkin and Garik Birch again will fight for the championship of the “League of laughter “.

2. Returning to the festival for the pupils

Viewers are also in for a surprise – the team’s performance “Your format”, consisting of the pupils of the Druzhkovka orphanage. Recall guys, two years ago, has made a splash at the festival, becoming the champion of the Festival. Will they be able to repeat his triumph this year, will become clear in a few hours.

3. “Oldies” will surprise you with new formats
With “old men” of the project in the Gala concert of “Our format”, “My province”, the “Milk” and “Like clockwork”. Team surprise not only new formats, but non-standard slides. For example, “Our format” will show the parody of Zelensky while on vacation, and “My province” will reveal the secret of failed role-playing games spouses.

4. Women’s team punks from Uzhgorod and guests of the Belarusian

Members of the women’s national team “Oleg Voyage” just on stage Declaration of love from two coaches, and Belarusians from the team “the Kings shelters” will be standing over his native land, in the literal sense of the word. And the most shocking performance in the program will be a performance from the team “rainbow raccoon”, which participants will take the stage with a Shocker!

5. Meet the team-the Joker

An interesting innovation of the sixth season of the project will be the emergence of team-Joker Heath Ledger”. In each of the games the team will change. I wonder who the coaches will risk and will take his wards a “dark horse”.

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