Galkin and Pugacheva are saving on your own children: “they have no Money, how? They don’t work”

Галкин и Пугачева экономят на собственных детях: "Денег у них нет, откуда? Они же не работают"

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As you know, in 2013 Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are the parents of twins Lisa and Harry. Children of the star couple is quite artistic. Their talents are actively demonstrates in his microblog Galkin, however, the Diva is not happy with what he makes of the children of public figures.

Галкин и Пугачева экономят на собственных детях: "Денег у них нет, откуда? Они же не работают"

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva, Lisa and Harry

So, the comedian thinks children should from childhood accustomed to the attention of the public, because they were born in a star family and from birth condemned to the media. Apparently, Galkin managed to convince hypnotherapy, as it does not interfere with its publication. In addition, the singer admitted that the little twins do not get the money for small expenses.

“They have no money, how? They’re not working,” said Diva.

However, their parents spend on the education of Lisa and Harry a lot of money. 6-year-old heirs to go to a French kindergarten called “puss in boots”. For the tuition you have to spend 195 thousand rubles per month for one child. Children have native speakers, and lessons in game form. Besides, the twins have a tutor, a Frenchman, who deals with them at home. His services cost about 110 thousand rubles per month for one child. Also daughter the star of the family said it was ready to go to France.

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Галкин и Пугачева экономят на собственных детях: "Денег у них нет, откуда? Они же не работают"

Lisa and Harry

Little Lisa tries herself in literature.

“Lisa publishes books, she comes up with, themselves writes itself glues and stitches. Before you the fresh masterpiece,” said the comedian.

Besides, Alla Borisovna has told, that has not thought about who could be her kids when they grow up.

“I would at least survive, when they finished school,” said Primadonna.

It should be noted that in grade 1 Lisa and Harry will have in 2020.

Recall that the scandalous Russian show-man Gauguin Solntsev said that Alla Pugacheva – not real, and instead appears in public a double.

As reported by the portal Znayu Alla Pugacheva upset fans are not very cheerful comment. Diva doubt that you will live to see the moment when her daughter will be all grown up.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva acknowledges that it is difficult to manage money and run a business.

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