Galkin fell at his feet seductive blonde forget about Pugacheva – “Believe me…”

Галкин пал к ногам соблазнительной блондинки, забыв о Пугачевой - "Поверьте..."

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Natalia gulkin, who on 20 February, celebrated his 56th birthday, had accused her husband of the famous singer Alla Pugachev and Maxim Galkin Suhankina defamation. The fact that the ex-soloist of group “the Mirage” troubled words Galkina made in one of the last episodes of the programme “Tonight”. The broadcaster said that all the songs of the legendary group played one Margarita Suhankina.

Галкин пал к ногам соблазнительной блондинки, забыв о Пугачевой - "Поверьте..."

Maxim Galkin and Natalia gulkin

In turn, Galkin decided to handle the situation, so he recorded a video message in which he apologized to the actress and congratulated her on a personal holiday. The video he posted on his page in social network Instagram.

“In the program, I said that for the singers of the group “Mirage” sang Margarita Suhankina. Dear Natasha, I must tell you that it was on my part, of course, unconsciously, because you are to me for a long time already an independent creative unit. As you all could come to a head that I could think such a thing — that you were singing somebody else’s, a different voice? You have a stunning vocal, you don’t need backup. Trust me!” noted humorist.

Галкин пал к ногам соблазнительной блондинки, забыв о Пугачевой - "Поверьте..."

Screenshot, video

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According to the comedian, Natalia doesn’t have any associations with “Mirage”, he knows her as an independent artist.

“So I apologize for the mistake. With regard to editorial errors in the story, I’ll tell them. Will be careful next time”, he added.

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