Galkin has a crush on bright girl in front of everyone: Pugacheva was not against

Галкин запал на яркую девушку у всех на глазах: Пугачева была не против

Family Yudashkina opened his fashion house refined restaurant.

The event was attended by many stars, among which lit up Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin.

Галкин запал на яркую девушку у всех на глазах: Пугачева была не против

Pugacheva and Galkin

The guests tasted the delicious dishes, and the restaurant was striding models in bright outfits and images.

It is worth mentioning that the Famous Russian humorist, husband of Alla Pugacheva Maksim Galkin has been very active Instagram page. Recently, the celebrity has posted a video of a reverent young children Harry and Lisa, who is very funny playing in adults. So, the hardworking boy were fixing something with a toy hammer and transactions in one of the rooms of a luxurious mansion, while my daughter was crawlee a huge wooden ship and at the same time tried to tame Tits.

We wrote that

Russian showman Maxim Galkin told about “a passionate dance” with his star wife, Donna Alla Pugacheva, thanks to which they started a romantic relationship.

So, the actor shared a touching story about 18 years ago, he was invited to dance with hypnotherapy, and since their whole life is “dance”. Personal picture in which he poses with Alla, Galkin posted in Instagram.

In the picture the artist depicted in extravagant attire – mini-shorts over them wearing transparent long skirt of lace.

“I met 18 years ago in the dance. And dancing still”, – said Maxim.

Fans of the star couple were delighted with the revelation Galkin, wrote about him in the comments. Among those who responded to the post was touching and famous friends of the couple: composer Igor Nikolaev, actress Alika Smekhova and others.

Together with the rest of the subscribers they wished the pair “dancing for many years” and happy family life and strong love.

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