Galkin has offended hot blonde, husband Pugacheva had to apologize

Галкин обидел горячую блондинку, мужу Пугачевой пришлось извиняться

Maksim Galkin photo: Instagram

today, 19:51

Russian comedian and husband of pop stars Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin apologized to the former soloist of group “Mirage” Natalia Gulkina for not named her among the singers of this group during one of the last editions of the program “Tonight.”

The corresponding video Galkin has posted on his page in social network Instagram.

During the release of the air sounded the song of “Mirage” in which the vocals attributed to Margaret Suhankina, not Gulkin. This fact drew the attention of the latter on his page in Instagram.

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In his video Galkin explained that the long takes Gulkin as an independent creative person, not a soloist of “Mirage”, and therefore did not pay attention to the mistake of the editors.

Galkin also congratulated the singer with happy birthday.

Gulkin received with gratitude as an apology and congratulations.

Галкин обидел горячую блондинку, мужу Пугачевой пришлось извиняться

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Recall, Galkin dramatically younger after Pugacheva, the fans do not give more than 20.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Maxim Galkin took the kids and fled to the mountains, Pugacheva next to be seen.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Galkin lowered Putin in an adult, the husband of Pugacheva’s playing with fire: “20 years of the same”.

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