Galkin Pugacheva instead of “grazed” Vajkule, the couple were caught

Галкин вместо Пугачевой "выгулял" Вайкуле, парочку поймали

today, 19:17

Famous humorist lit up with girlfriend’s wife at a birthday party Hbla Gerzmava.

Opera diva Hbl Gerzmava noisy celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Pashkov house, now the Russian state library.

On your holiday, she invited quite a lot of famous stars of show business: Maxim Galkin, Anna Netrebko, Larisa Dolina, Laima Vaikule.
Live music, the atmosphere of the old classical buildings created a unequalled atmosphere of beauty and luxury. Guests of the holiday were relaxed at the ceremony.

Maxim Galkin was a pleasure to meet a friend of his wife, Alla Pugacheva, Laima Vaikule. Together with an old friend of the actor danced to a song Raimonds Pauls “Vernissage” and even sang a duet with her.


The comedian was dressed in tuxedo with bow tie, the singer in a gold dress with fringe. As always, extraordinary outfit Vaikule wowed the audience.

Earlier, on Sunday, January 19, on channel 1+1 was launched on the anniversary season of the vocal show “the Voice”. Viewers saw the first issue of “battle of the ages”.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” serial “Matchmakers” for the years of shooting has a lot of screen stories, and also acquired real-life stories, joyful and tragic.

Tacitly.Eeyore” wrote that the British ex-champion Tyson fury (29-0-1, 20 KO’s) has pretil the UFC 246 in Las Vegas, the main fight which was the fight between extempora UFC in two weight categories Irishman Conor McGregor (22-4) and the American fighter Donald Serrone (36-14).

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