Galkin told about the problems of Pugacheva’s concert

Галкин рассказал о проблемах из-за концерта Пугачевой

The singer ran into trouble before the anniversary show.

The husband of Russian pop stars Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin told about the problems faced by a diva due to the discredit of the anniversary show, which will take place on 15 April 2019, according to the with reference for Today.

Tickets to the performance Pugacheva has sold out in a matter of hours. According to Maxim Galkin, in the network there are many speculators who resell seats to the concert for a fabulous sum, and they can’t do this no resist.

Himself a humorist added that resent this attitude of buyers. To solve the problem, according to the actor, alone does not seem impossible.

Maxim also unveiled some details about the upcoming show. According to the artist, he did not participate in its organization.

“Basically I wasn’t committed to the ins and outs of what she was doing. I don’t know exactly what will happen at the concert. I walked to the side and it does not bother me. All our life is built on the fact that it is not to be disturbed. At the moment she is rehearsing a concert with a voice all right. She is an incredible perfectionist. In my whole life I knew only one person who is so critical of his voice. It was Muslim Magomayev,” concluded the husband of the prima Donna.


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