Galley, murder party or antique cuisine… Some ideas to enjoy the Roman Days of Nîmes

Galley, murder party or antique cuisine... Some ideas to enjoy the Roman Days of Nîmes

Découverte de la cuisine romaine au jardin du musée de la Romanité – Mikaël Anisset

Dernière ligne droite pour les Journées romaines de Nîmes ce dimanche 5 mai

Découverte des saveurs romaines

What did the Romans eat ? In the garden of the Musée de la Romanité, the Lugdunum Antica association introduces people to Roman cuisine, drawing inspiration from the writings of Apicius. The products were very different. "For example, there was sugar only in honey and in fruits", recalls Jean-Pierre Nortier, while preparing a recipe for dulcia, dates stuffed with pine nuts and hazelnuts, with salt, pepper and honey. “Popular cuisine was mainly made of porridge and legumes,”, he continues. We also ate herbs like rue or lovage. On site, the association also prepared a minutal this Saturday, a pork fricassee with dried apricots. "Everything was cut into small pieces", a bit like in Asian cuisine, "because the Romans ate with their fingers.

A murder party to identify Flavius’s assassin

Year 9, one morning in May: Commander Flavius ​​is found murdered in his tent while the Roman garrison of Nemausus is on alert. Who killed him ? Why ? How ? For budding investigators to elucidate the enigma, again today, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.: meet for this "murder party" on the Télé Bleue stand, esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle. "It’s a family game, to be enjoyed from the age of 10, explains Cyril Poissy, game master in this company which manages escape games in Garons, in the Nîmes arenas or at the Château des Baux-de -Provence. Players inspect the crime scene, then set off in search of the six suspects, dressed in Roman costumes, and positioned in the streets of the Écusson. We have to question them, pull the worms out of their noses…" History of getting their hands on the assassin. Allow an hour and a half of investigation… For this third year of presence at the Roman Days, the "murder party" hopes to welcome 300 to 400 investigators. Price: €16.50, students and under 18s €13, free for under 10s.

Galley, murder party or antique cuisine... Some ideas to enjoy the Roman Days of Nîmes

A Roman galley on Place Jules-Guesde.

A 15 meter Roman galley

Majestic, it sits on Place Jules-Guesde, at the foot of the Magne Tower, arousing the curiosity of passers-by. This year, the Roman galley, 15 meters long and red sails stamped with the Latin diviner SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus), was positioned a stone's throw from the Jardins de la Fontaine. Please note that younger children can board from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and it’s free.

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