Gambi and Heuss bastard play the astronauts in the video “In the space”

The clip In the space of Gambi and Heuss Bastard

Gambi continues its ascent ! After his pieces for solo Popopop, The Guenav, Oulalah and Hey oh, the rap phenomenon of the moment combine to Heuss that bastard for the title to be effective In the space. The two artists are in the video for their collab in which they soar full… on the moon.

Gambi begins more and more to impose itself in the rap game. A year ago, it was still not known to the general public, but today, difficult not to hear from him. Therefore, when the release of his first album ? We are asking all the question. For the moment, the young rapper favors the release of singles to be effective, such as Hey oh, The Guenav, Oulalah and Popopop. In any case, Gambi happens to stand out for his style funky and off-beat, and his flow is pretty fast.

Gambi and Heuss bastard partner In the space

Today, Gambino Jetski, his real name, joins Heuss The bastard (king of the moula) on a brand new song entitled In space. Ooh, my wife 2-3 ciggies, a teh salad / On Paname, I’m walking / I ressers, and I think of you / I’m in the pack’, it is a aqua / I’m tipsy and I think of you / I’m in space, “one can hear on the chorus. In view of the words, so you’ll have understood that Gambi and the interpreter Do not come back are soaring, hence the feeling of being in space.

To illustrate their state stone, Heuss bastard and the rap phenomenon of the moment alternate between an evening among friends and their journey to the moon, imaginary of course, in their combinations of astronauts. One can say that they are not bad high. It thus captures better the expression “to be on the moon,” 😂

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