Game beauty: declassified design of the PlayStation 5

In the case of the PlayStation 5 will be used for led RGB lights

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Today, 09:20

Игровая прелесть: рассекречен дизайн PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will receive support 8K resolution

The life cycle of the PlayStation 4 coming to an end and in its place will come a games console of new generation PlayStation 5. Sony has recently published a short note about the technical characteristics of the new console, which was impressive. But the appearance did not say a word.

Игровая прелесть: рассекречен дизайн PlayStation 5

Render PlayStation 5

On the basis of existing information, and design solutions applied in the previous generations console, edition LetsGoDigital has prepared renderings of the PlayStation 5. According to experts in design, in the design of the new gaming consoles will be present lines of RGB lights that will resemble the Roman numeral V, symbolizing the 5th generation of PlayStation.

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Sony has promised to equip the PlayStation 5 hardware support for 8K resolution, 3D sound, ray tracing and super-fast SSD that will speed up the download of the video game 10 times. However, waiting for a new console, likely until the spring of 2020.

Игровая прелесть: рассекречен дизайн PlayStation 5

Render PlayStation 5

It is assumed that the start of sales of the PS5 will cost at least 500 euros. Surprisingly low price, given how productive will be the platform consoles. However, the recent drop in the price of SSD drives will help to keep the price tag affordable to consumers level.

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Earlier, confirmed the rumors about active development for GTA 6 PlayStation 5. In turn, Microsoft deprived Xbox One key features.

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