“Game of thrones”: 4 series 8 season expectations of fans. Watch the trailer online

In series 4 of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones” creators of the show who survived the battle of Winterfell

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"Игра престолов": 4 серия 8 сезона оправдает надежды фанатов. Смотреть трейлер онлайн

“Game of thrones” series 4 of season 8

28 APR came 3 series of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones” trailer which showed a lot of battle of Winterfell.

Now HBO has released a trailer for series 4 of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones”, which will be released on 5 may.

In the new clip, fans can see who survived the intense battle in the North. The creators showed the Cersei and Euron Greyjoy in king’s landing, Winterfell people, preparing to March to the South and kisses Arya and Gendry. It is unclear, they survived the battle or retreat to the 2nd series of the show.

Apparently, Queen Daenerys and Queen Cersei prepare to battle for the Iron throne. By the way, now I understand why the second wanted elephants for battle. One of the network users, after the zoo wrote that according to legend, only the ancient elephants were able to defeat the dragons.

Earlier, HBO has revealed a few new images from the third episode of “Game of thrones”. We also did a review of 2 series of season 8 of “Game of thrones”– the plot and possible spoilers of a large-scale project.

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