Game of Thrones : Andrew Dunbar, lining and appearing in the series, is death

Game of Thrones : Andrew Dunbar, doublure et figurant de la série, est mort

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Game of Thrones : Andrew Dunbar, appearing in the series, died

The family of Game of Thrones is mourning the loss. 7 months after the airing of the last episode of season 8, which marked the end of the series, one comes to learn of the death of Andrew Dunbar. If it was not also known as Emilia Clarke or Kit Harington, the young man has doubled the character of Theon Greyjoy, but also been appearing in the HBO series.

Andrew Dunbar died suddenly

According to the site Belfast Live, Andrew Dunbar , who was aged thirty years, died suddenly at his home on 24 December in Belfast. The causes of death have not been disclosed for the moment, but the young man should be buried on Monday 30 December in his hometown. A sudden death confirmed by several members of the team of Game of Thrones in which his friend Andy McClay, listed flagship of the series, that we had been able to see in the documentary Game of Thrones : The Last Watch is broadcast on OCS and HBO after the end of the series.

In the series, Andrew Dunbar has been the lining of Alfie Allen playing Theon Greyjoy, but it has also been shown for several scenes throughout the series including the Battle of the bastards (episode 9 of season 6). Fans of the small screen have also been seen in the british series Line of Duty and in Derry Girls.

“There was something special in him”

Following this sad announcement, some members of the crew of the series have reacted. Among them ? The head of the makeup Pamela Smyth. “Even among the thousands of extras in Game of Thrones, Andrew stood out. Everyone wanted to go. There was something special in him,” she confided. On his side, Andy McClay explained : “most of us feel the same thing when we went on the shelf, we wanted Andrew to be there, it was looking for. He was like the glue that we were holding. A lot of people will come to his funeral, actors, director and many others. All those who have met Andrew worshipped him“.

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