Game of Thrones : Daniel Portman sexually assaulted by the fans because of Podrick

Game of Thrones : Daniel Portman agressé sexuellement par les fans à cause de Podrick

Game of Thrones : Daniel Portman (Podrick) sexually assaulted by the fans

It may be difficult to say goodbye to Game of Thrones, whose season 8 is currently airing on HBO and OCS, but one of its players is in a hurry to turn the page. As said Daniel Portman, his role as Podrick is not every day easy to take. The reason for this ? Some fans are intrigued by his character, do not hesitate to assault her sexually.

It’s not going to hide it, if this is to humanize it a bit more Brienne of Torth or Tyrion Lannister, Podrick Payne has never actually served with something in Game of Thrones. It must be said that the character of Daniel Portman is obviously more useful with his penis as a sword in the world of Westeros. In effect, remember, on the occasion of the season 3 of the series, it was discovered that the prostitutes of King’s Landing under the spell of her sexual attributes and performance in bed.

An actor sexually assaulted by the fans

Unfortunately, if this revelation also WTF than fun allowed the writers to lighten the heavy atmosphere of the series at the time, it is not easy every day to live for the interpreter of Podrick in the real world. At the bend of an interview with Esquire, the actor has confessed to be regularly attouché sexually by fans : “people are crazy about [his penis]. And [be held] this is clearly not cool. I’ve been grabbed by so much… frankly, the number of women in the very old who are very [touch]…“.

You read that right, some people do not hesitate to touch the intimate parts of the actor to check if it is also hefty and talented as his character. “What can you do except tell them not to do it ?!” he breathed, and the magazine, before adding, blasé : “in our time, you think that people are still able to tell the difference between fiction and reality“.

The good news for Daniel Portman, is that with the possible death of Podrick in episode 3, and the upcoming end of the series, the fans should finally move on to something else. Hoping that Maisie Williams, who saw Arya have the right to his first sex scene, will not experience such incivility in the future.


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