“Game of thrones”: episode 1 of season 8 has been viewed more than 17 million people

Thus was set a record for views

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"Игра престолов": 1 эпизод 8 сезона посмотрели более 17 миллионов человек

“Game of thrones” episode 1 of season 8 broke the record for hits

The series “Game of thrones” season 8 episode 1, the contents of which we wrote earlier, broke the record. It turns out that only the first series final of the season looked 17.4 million people. About it reports Reuters with reference to data of HBO.

"Игра престолов": 1 эпизод 8 сезона посмотрели более 17 миллионов человек

“Game of thrones”

It is noted that 11.8 million viewers watched the premiere on cable TV and the rest through services such as HBO. Last Sunday was a record for the streaming platform HBO for all time of its work, and the premiere of the final season — most discussed series on the Twitter platform — only on Sunday fans mentioned Game of Thrones more than 5 million times.

It should be noted that this is a record for “Game of thrones”, because previously, most of the audience during the premiere gathered first episode of the seventh season of 16.9 million viewers.

Recall, HBO has released a trailer for the second episode of the eighth season, called Death has many faces (“death has many faces”). Previously, we wrote detailed information about when and where you can see all episodes of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. Also the website Today.Lifestyle made a voting – Who will take the Iron Throne.

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