Game of Thrones : HBO ordering of the spin-off on the Targaryen, the second project abandoned

Game of Thrones : HBO commande le spin-off sur les Targaryen, le second projet abandonné

Game of Thrones : the Targaryen back in the series House of the Dragon

Five months after the end of Game of Thrones at the end of season 8, HBO has ruled on the first spin-offs in preparation. The cable channel has decided not to order the prequel worn by Naomi Watts, whose driver was shot this summer. Good news : it gave the green light for the series focused on the family Targaryen and unveiled its title : House of the Dragon. Check out all the details.

Huge success in the United States and in the world despite its end of a controversial, Game of Thrones has not finished we are passionate about ! Even before the broadcast of the final of the series, HBO has announced that work on several series projects, derived around the universe created by George R. R. Martin. Two concrete projects were in the pipeline : a prequel that explored Westeros years before the action of the GoT , and a series focused on the Targaryen, the House belongs to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

The project with Naomi Watts cancelled

The first concrete project, the prequel to Game of Thrones with Naomi Watts do will finally see the light of day. On Tuesday 29 October, the american press announced that HBO had decided not to order the series as a result of the shooting of the pilot. According to sources quoted by TVLine, the leaders of the cable channel, were not satisfied with the first episode and have asked the producers to propose a new installation. Despite the changes, this second version would not have satisfied HBO that decided to abandon the show in which we would also be able to see Jamie Campbell-Bower or Toby Regbo. This series was to delve into the origins of Westeros and Walkers White.

The Targaryen stars in a series

But HBO has announced a new, more positive to the fans of Game of Thrones : it has ordered season 1 of 10 episodes for House of the Dragon, a prequel about the family Targaryen. The series is co-created by George R. R. Martin himself in the company of Ryan J. Condal. The pitch ? 300 years before the story of the novels of the Iron Throne, we will follow the “beginning of the end” of the House of Targaryen. The series should be based on the novel Fire & Blood , published in November 2018 by George R. R. Martin, and that began with the story of the creator of the Iron Throne, Aegon the conqueror, and ended during the dance of the dragons, a war which has nearly put an end to Targaryen. No actor has yet been announced for the casting but a first poster has been unveiled. When the release date ? It still remains to be determined.

Game of Thrones : HBO commande le spin-off sur les Targaryen, le second projet abandonné

House of the Dragon : the poster for the spin-off of Game of Thrones devoted to the Targaryen

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