Game Of Thrones-season 8 : the humans from the walkers white in 2 new videos !

Game Of Thrones season 8 : Survival Promo Video

J-13 before the return of Games Of Thrones. At the time we wrote these lines, there is less than two weeks before the final of the flagship series of HBO only plays with the meaning of its millions of fans around the world. As if the wait wasn’t quite unbearable, here are two new spots promo with new images. Winter is truly here !

The final showdown promises to be daunting and memorable. In mid-may, our lives will be disrupted forever. We will know finally who will end up on the iron throne of Game of Thrones . The 6 episodes of season 8 of the hit series of HBO (broadcast simultaneously in France on OCS) will put an end to the television adaptation of the saga created by George R. R Martin.

Two new videos are epic

To teaser a little bit of this final season 8, HBO has posted two new videos of 30 seconds each. If they contain images already seen in previous trailers, they conceal, however, some plans new.

Game of Thrones-season 8 : the video Together.

We must fight together or die !

While war is preparing on all sides, Tyrion Lannister is trying to rally the troops and staff to counter the real threat : that of the walkers are white, the incredibles white walkers, the dead-living who pass the zombies of The Walking Dead for the tape to Mickey. “This goes beyond loyalty, this is about survival” and “we must fight together or die” proclaims Tyrion (“This goes beyond loyalty, it is a matter of survival. We must fight together or mourir”).

That season 8 will be merciless. Several of his players have proclaimed that he was going to have to hang on and that the shocks will be many and unpredictable. When you are told that nothing will never be the same after may 20, the date of the broadcast of the final episode of Game of Thrones…

Game Of Thrones saison 8 : les humains contre les marcheurs blancs dans 2 nouvelles vidéos !

Game Of Thrones season 8 from the 15 April on OCS.


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