Game of Thrones ‘ season 8 : what looks like the King of the Night without makeup ?

Game of Thrones saison 8 : à quoi ressemble le Roi de la Nuit sans maquillage ?

Game of Thrones ‘ season 8 : what looks like the King of the Night without makeup ?

It is certainly the most threatening of enemies in Westeros : King of the Night leads his army of Walkers White against Winterfell in episode 3 of season 8 of Game of Thrones available from this night on OCS. But looks like the actor who interprets it ? Discover the answer in images ! This article does NOT contain SPOILERS about the episode 3 !

Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Tyrion, we all know the faces of the stars of Game of Thrones even if they are sometimes a little different in the series aired on HBO and OCS in France. All ? Not really ! Even if it is at the centre of the plot the last few seasons, the interpreter of the King of the Night (Night King in the original version) is not too bothered by the fans. Thank you the costume !

Who is the King of the Night in the life ?

Appeared for the first time in season 4 of Game of Thrones, the King of the Night has been steadily going up in power over the episodes and seasons of the series until become THE greatest threat to Westeros. Episode 3 of season 8 (all of the questions that we asked, with spoilers of course !) was 100% epic with the battle between Winterfell walkers white and the King of the Night was obviously waiting for you ! But do you know who is hiding under the costume ? First, it is Richard Blake who has embodied the character before leaving its place in season 6 to Vladmir Furdik.

The 48-year old man is in fact a specialist in stunts, and has worked on Snow White and the Huntsman and its sequel, Skyfall , or even Thor : the dark world, the. In Game of Thrones, he did not incarnate only the King of the Night : he also played in a walker white killed by Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in an episode of season 5. And here are pictures of what it looks like in the life :

4 hours of preparation to transform

To become the King of the Night, Vladmir Furdik must be patient. As the unveiled Barrie Gower, specialist of prosthetics on Game of Thrones, it takes 4 hours to achieve the make-up and place the dentures of the character. Yes, make you freak out the viewers, it is a long-term work !


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