Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian… what is the series the most pirated of 2019 ?

Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian... quelle est la série la plus piratée de 2019 ?

What is the series the most pirated in 2019 ?

In 2019, the internet users have not changed their bad habits. Whether for or against, the illegal download is always quite popular on the web in France but also abroad. So, what are the series that have been the most pirated via Bittorrent in the last year ? Check out the top 10 with The Mandalorian, and Game of Thrones in particular.

Today, there are many services to follow our series legally. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, AppleTV+, and soon Disney+ or HBO Max, the platforms are multiplying. Yet, piracy continues to gain traction, in particular via Bittorent. Each year, the site TorrentFreak has unveiled its ranking of the series the most pirated in the world via this software. And the ranking of 2019 is quite different from that of the year 2018 !

Game of Thrones number 1, two new features in the top 3

Absent from the rankings in 2018 (since it was not broadcast), Game of Thrones resumes its rights ! The series of HBO, available to us at OCS, has been number 1 for six years and has returned to the top of the rankings for its season 8, despite the criticism. It is followed by two new releases : Chernobyl (available from us on OCS) and The Mandalorian, the series of the universe of Star Wars , which will commence in France on 31 march next year with the arrival of Disney+.

The Walking Dead, which was first last year, drops to 6th position ! The Flash, number 2 in 2018, is 7th for 2019, while The Big Bang Theory loses a place and is fourth against third in the last year. We can also note the arrival in the ranking of Rick and Morty in 8th place and Supergirl to the 9th place.

Top 10 series the most pirated on Bittorrent in 2019

1. Game of Thrones
2. Chernobyl
3. The Mandalorian
4. The Big Bang Theory
5. Vikings
6. The Walking Dead
7. The Flash
8. Rick and Morty
9. Supergirl
10. Arrow

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