Game of Thrones : this tweet that terrified the fans… for nothing

Game of Thrones : ce tweet qui a affolé les fans... pour rien

When Game of Thrones, panic fans for nothing

In the beginning of the week, the Twitter account of Game of Thrones has bewildered fans with a simple tweet. Six months after the end of the series on HBO (and in France on OCS), the string reserved a new surprise to the fans ? Not really… If the message has the buzz, the reason it was posted was of the most mundane, no offense to those who were expecting a big announcement.

Despite a season 8 was highly criticized, with Game of Thrones still has the power to frighten fans. The universe of the series adapted from the novels of George R. R. Martin has not said its last word. Despite the cancellation of the spin-off worn by Naomi Watts, HBO has ordered another series derived focusing on the history of the family Targaryen. It is thus expected that an announcement with impatience… and the official Twitter account of Game of Thrones plays with our emotions !

Winter is coming… on DVD

In the beginning of the week, on Twitter, fans of Game of Thrones were in turmoil because of a tweet. “Winter is coming” could be read in this message. A tweet trivial… but not for the biggest fans of the series with Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke ! Following this publication, many users have attempted to guess why this tweet had been posted. A reboot of season 8 ? The famous alternate ending ? Apologies for all the evil they have done to us ? In the end, the message today has more than 450,000 likes.

But there was, however, not what panic ! The day after the publication of the message, viewers were able to discover the reason for this tweet : the announcement of the release of the full Game of Thrones DVD and Blu-Ray. Yes, it was not necessary to go to look further… This integral will be released on December 3 in the United States but also in France. And it will take father Christmas is very generous to have it under the christmas tree : the collection limited collector’s is sold at 300 euros and the collection Blu-Ray to 130 euros. What we will surely not put it on our gift list !

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