Games: a sequel to almost perfect

Jeux: une suite presque parfaite

The Last of Us is (finally !) back with a second chapter more successful, more assumed, and more successful than the previous one. The studios Naughty Dog have managed to create the perfect game ? Almost.

To say that The Last of Us Part II was expected would of the understatement. This sequel to the smash success of 2013 has smashed sales records, more than four million copies is being sold in three days upon its release on the 19th of June last.

We understand the fans have been so enthusiastic. After all, they had waited seven long years to return to the universe introduced in the first chapter.

Back in full force

Let’s first one thing very clear. You have not yet had the chance to explore this suite ? Have no fear, this text does not contain any divulgâcheur about its plot.

Ellie is back. It is clear that the years that have passed have left their mark, as it is found today more mature, certainly, but more importantly, determined, and seasoned. You can feel it. And that falls well, because it is now the main heroine, taking the lead for the major part of the adventure.

We take then a few years after the events of The Last of Us, still in the heart of this post-apocalyptic America, being wiped out by an epidemic that has turned many of its survivors into creatures deadly-like a zombie. Yes, the premise of departure is substantially the same as in 2013.

But the player realizes very quickly that this new plot takes an unexpected turn. Because contrary to what that portends the introduction, nothing is looking good in The Last of Us Part II. Events a particularly hard time will come to change the fate of our heroine…


Like the first chapter, The Last of Us Part II is a game especially taxing emotionally, preferring to rely on his plot human, rather than its action scenes. Moreover, many of the slights and fights are once again optional, leaving the choice to the player to use a defensive strategy or offensive.

But the freedom granted the player does not stop here. This time, Ellie evolves in a universe more vast, completely open, that we can explore at our leisure. This new approach makes the game experience a lot less linear and, especially, more supported by the player.

The other major difference ? The Last of Us Part II will anchor much more assumed in the world of horror, in the same way as the Resident Evil and The Evil Within this world.

The violence is raised a notch (or two), as is the hemoglobin, which is flowing now in streams. The tension is more sustained with moods, anxiety and situations that will surely of the nerves of the players to the test.

In short, a game which is close in many respects the perfection.

So, why not give it a perfect score ?

Very (too ?) long

Some games sometimes have the qualities of their defects. This is the case of The Last of Us Part II, a game that is long… very long. Maybe even too much. Because the studio Naughty Dog multiplies the returns in the time – often unnecessary besides – with chapters, slow, mind-numbing, which have the effect of slowing down dramaticly the pace, and even to annoy the player.

Another small disappointment ? The mechanics of combat are virtually identical to those in the first chapter, then they left already room for improvement. It is a pity, because they make it once again the fight scenes rather monotonous and redundant, then that would have been infinitely more exciting and thus raise the experience to the next level.

But anyway, The Last of Us Part II remains a superior offer of its kind, which may well be one of the best of the year. And with good reason.

The Last of us Part II ★★★★☆

The Last of Us Part II is now available on PS4.

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