Games: bring out the bad

Jeux: faire sortir le mauvais

Of all the types of games, there is a genre that is popular with those who love him and who is hated by those, sometimes more pacifist, who hate him. This is the game of confrontation.

In this type of game, we attack, we are naughty, we may even pursue a player, alone or in a group. The important thing is to do it in fun and with a smile.

You have been witness to arguments on legendary due to the Monopoly or Risk ? These games, and too many people who play it, take themselves a bit too seriously.

We will offer you instead of games in which the pleasure of attack is assumed and where it is fun to confront, history of make out a bit of bad blood without overflow.

King of Tokyo

  • 2 to 6 players
  • 8 years +
  • 30 minutes

Tokyo is in danger, the monsters will descend and attack the buildings. That’s not a problem, as they are many, they get all over the mouth in order to become the king of Tokyo.

At the beginning of his turn, a player rolls six dice on which there are six different symbols : the numbers 1, 2 and 3 which correspond to points of victory, even as the energy, healing and attack.

The player may roll the dice up to three times to get the combination that he considers to be the best. Then he can use his dice to earn points, treat its wounds, attack opponents or gain of the energy that can be exchanged for cards that will grant him powers.

Interesting detail, when a player occupies Tokyo, its attacks affect all other players. However, it is also the enemy to shoot down and is the target of many attacks. After injuries, he can choose to leave the city and will be replaced by another player.

The first player to reach the total of 20 points wins. If your lives are depleted, you are eliminated.

There is also a version Dark that just came out and is very nice visually, as the original version, it said. King of New York also takes the same mechanical.

Arena for the Gods !

  • 2 to 6 players
  • 8 years +
  • 30 minutes

In this arena, the gods battle it out in tactical and merciless. Who will be the god the most durable ?

The idea is simple. It was an arena reminiscent of the Coliseum of Rome. In the booklet of rules, it offers many possibilities of arrangement of elements in order to have more easy or more difficult, to vary the tactical aspect of the same as the length of the game.

Basically, each player represents a god, and before the game begins, the cards that come arm each character are auctioned. Players must then wager their points of life, who remain, moreover, secretly hidden behind a small screen.

Once everyone is armed, the party can start and the clashes will be almost immediate.

Players will throw dice to determine how they will be able to move and attack and will be able to assign to their cards.

However, the enemies attacks will make you temporarily lose dice and force you in your plans. It is thus necessary to choose who it takes and where it moves to not end up in a situation where a single thrust could be fatal.

The last player to still have life points is crowned the winner.

The game, beautifully illustrated, makes the good share with the various mythologies of the world, like the Greeks, the Romans, the Vikings and the Incas, among others.

It unravels quickly in the rules, and even if it is sometimes necessary to return to the book in the beginning, we will release very soon for a gaming experience very fluid.

Monolith Arena

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 10 +years
  • 30-45 minutes

It will appeal to chess players. It is found in a very small arena that will quickly become cramped. There are four factions are very unbalanced. That is to say, they have different powers and that the hexagonal tiles, except for a few duplicates, are all different.

It is therefore interesting to have to change my strategy depending on which faction you choose in the beginning of the game.

At his turn, a player must place a tile. This will help to prepare a defence or an attack or actually attack his opponent. The combat system is interesting because of the levels of force are assigned to the tiles and that it is necessary to take into account several parameters, such as line of sight if two tiles are at distance one from the other.

There are also chains that are possible between some of the tiles to increase the effectiveness.

In addition, there are changes in the game since after you have learned about the environment, it will be possible to add the monoliths at the general headquarters, the tile hexagonal mistress of the players.

There are parts that stack, and on which you place tiles that are hidden from other players. As well, losing a floor of its monolith may ultimately give strength rather than weaken.

All seems a bit complicated, but be assured, this is rather simple once one has grasped the concept.

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