Games: fun development

Jeux: plaisirs en développement

When one plays a game, there is nothing more satisfying than to see that one develops something, that there is a progression.

As well, they are many games where it is necessary to develop its game plan by amassing resources then go in search of others that will enable us to be more effective.

It is this type of entertaining pleasure that we offer this week a number of games where you will have the feeling of moving forward while trying to counter the progression of your opponents.

And the good news is, these are all games pretty simple to explain with a rapid implementation and a mechanism which turns very well and quite quickly. There are virtually no lengths.

Potion Explosion

  • 2-4 players
  • 8 years +
  • 45 minutes

Here’s a game that sums up perfectly the playfulness. We have fun farm by completing simple tasks.

Each player has at all times two potions he needs to fill in the drawing of coloured balls in a wholesale distributor, where the beads are to be found on the slides.

The principle is simple, it takes a ball and in the movement which follows, if the balls of the same color collide, there is an explosion and it also recovers these logs-there. The chain reaction can be long.

We then use the marbles to fill the vials of our potions according to the pattern of colors that is located on the vial in question.

When a potion is finished, she will give a power to the player and can be used only once in the game. Each of the eight types of potions provides a power different.

How to gather-t-points ? The vials are worth points according to the difficulty they represent. There are also tokens of a value of four points that go to players every time they meet three potions of the same type, or when they make five different potions.

The art of the game lies in the ability of the player to realize the best combinations and to use his potions to maximize each of his strokes. It is at once simple, strategic, and really fun.


  • 2-4 players
  • 10 +years
  • 30 minutes

Here is a development game which the goal is to create jewelry from gems you earn.

As well, there are chips type of poker that represent five different gems and gold which is a joker and may replace all types of gems.

Your objective is to collect the gems needed to buy cards that will in return increase your production of gems and then you can get tile noble that are worth prestige points.

During his turn, a player may perform one action from the following : take three gems of different colors, take two gems of the same color, take a gold and reserve a card from those that are available on the table or even buy a card.

It is so very simple. It is thus important to develop its strategy according to the gems we have accumulated while taking into account the fact that the other players will certainly take cards that you covet. The game continues until a player reaches 15 prestige points, and triggers the end of the game.

There are some challenges to face, among others, the obligation not to have more than ten tokens in their possession and are not able to take two chips of the same color only if there remains at least four in the stack. These are small constraints that come spice up the game which is very fluid and fast.

Feel free to use Splendor in order to familiarize children or non-gamers. It is a small box that is easy of approach that seduces not bad all the world.


  • 2-4 players
  • 14 years +
  • 45 minutes

The game impresses from the start with his big vending machine in ball that almost looks like a machine to candy.

In Gizmos, you have to invent stuff from colored beads that you are harvesting and which represent the materials necessary to build your gear.

The principle is simple, in your turn you can take a ball, book one of the cards of doodads available on the table or build one of the devices available or reserved.

You will develop your effectiveness as the game progresses, you’ll cause chain reactions according to the actions that you may have. For example, building a widget for yellow-colored may allow you to take a ball of your choice, or pick one at random in the vending machine.

You will be able to increase your storage capacity for logs and maps reserved. It will also be possible to transform balls of one colour to another, or even to multiply one ball into two.

In short, it will be up to you to opt for the strategy that fits best with the doodads that you have in your hand.

Among the widgets available on the table, there are three different levels which will be progressively more difficult to build they are level 1, 2 or 3.

The game continues until a player has made his sixteenth gadget or a fourth unit of level 3. The players finish the current turn and count their points to see who wins.

You have been told, this is the type of game that develops the dependence and that may seem a bit complicated when it comes time to capture the intricacies of chain reactions, but which is finally pretty darn smart and simple.

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