Games that are good for the soul

Games that are good for the soul


The effects of the last two years, the lack of resources and the dire needs make mental health – especially of young people – one of the most important issues today. Here are eight games recognized for their approach… 

The association Take This has made it its mission to reduce the stigma of mental health problems and increase the support in the gaming community. Officials therefore decided, in 2017, to create a prize, awarded every two years, to reward video games that show mental health, healing and hope in an exemplary way.

< strong>Cuvée of the year

For 2022, the organization has just released the list of three jury finalists, titles that “present mental health themes and topics with compassion and without stigma”, as well as the public's choices.

< p>The first thing that we notice about “Chicory: A Colorful Tale” is the music, composed by Lena Raine (to whom we owe that of “Celeste” which we are going to tell you about and… “Minecraft”). Then, we get attached to all the characters of this world in which the player embodies a dog who, paintbrush in hand, must restore its colors to the province of Picnic, which has become black and white. Each character encountered has its own personality, emotions included – yes, even the negative ones to better understand them. And the more you paint, the more the story progresses. It's cute and delicate.

“Cosy World”, literally “Cozy World”, transports you to an island. There, you become a Scout Ghost, your goal being to comfort other Scout Ghosts so they can find peace. With a drawing visual, the title is decidedly kid-friendly, and since the action takes place in real time, new content is offered every day and players are encouraged to play around an hour a day. And through all this “Cosy World” undoubtedly dominates a message of hope.

Inevitably, the excellent “Life is Strange: True Colors” is on the list. The game is aimed at teens and adults and features Alex Chen, a young woman whose brother has died. Endowed with a particularly strong empathy, she will therefore use this psychic power to elucidate the death of her brother. Among the many contemporary themes addressed are foster families, childhood trauma, and how we feel the emotions of others.

A surprising game for teenagers, “Spiritfarer” is the story of Stella, a ferryman of souls who, aboard her ferry, befriends the deceased whom she transports before leading them to their destination. A whole aspect of the Canadian title is reserved for management – ​​you can fish, harvest minerals, cultivate plants, craft objects – in addition to the purely emotional content, all of which teaches all audiences to say “goodbye”.

The highly entertaining and colorful “Psychonauts 2” won awards for its adequate depiction of mental health. Indeed, the disorders are presented artistically from the point of view of those who suffer from them. Indeed, Raz, a 10-year-old child, must unravel the mystery of double agents who are rampant among the Psychonauts. To do this, he enters the minds of the suspects, learning all about their troubles, fears and memories.

The years before…

Winner in 2020, “Celeste” is a Canadian game, originally developed during a “games jam”. The “gamers” are here in control of little Madeline as she tries to climb a mountain filled with obstacles presented level by level. But beware, the obstacles are the work of Badeline, her anxious alter ego. That year, the amazing “Sea of ​​Solitude” portrayed a young woman with a difficult childhood who, as an adult, finds it so difficult to manage her anger, despair and unease that she turns into a monster.

The very first winner in 2017? It was the excellent “Stardew Valley”. An agricultural simulation game, the title propels you to the farm of your grandfather who has just died. You take over the family farm while socializing with the inhabitants of the neighboring village. Relaxing and lively, “Stardew Valley” is considered by some critics to be one of the best video games ever developed.

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'Chicory: A Colorful Tale': Windows and PlayStation

'Cosy World': Windows, Xbox , Switch and PlayStation

“Life is Strange: True Colors”: multiple platforms

“Spiritfarer ”: for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation and Twitch

“Psychonauts 2”: for Xbox

“Celeste”: multiple platforms

“Sea of ​​Solitude”: -solitude for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox

“Stardew Valley”: multiple platforms