Gang rape at Hockey Canada: Alleged 2018 victim breaks silence

Hockey Canada gang rape: 2018 alleged victim breaks silence


Woman who sued Hockey Canada over alleged gang rape of Canadian junior team members in 2018 says she did so for consequences actions.

The English media The Globe and Mail obtained a short exclusive interview with the victim, identified by the pseudonym E.M., Monday.

Calling herself “vulnerable and exposed” since the unveiling of the scandal in broad daylight, the young woman is living badly with the extent that the file has taken on the public square.< /p>

“It's something I never wanted to focus on,” she told the Globe and Mail. I simply wanted there to be consequences to the actions and a certain responsibility.”

The victim never wanted the agreement between Hockey Canada and her to be publicized, we can read.

“It was difficult to see the events being exposed one piece at a time,” also noted E.M.

Having first to deal with this thorny file concerning a group sexual assault which allegedly committed in 2018, Hockey Canada must also manage another similar incident which allegedly occurred in 2003. Most recently, it was revealed before a parliamentary committee that a special Hockey Canada fund dedicated to settlements for cases of sexual abuse was used to make nine payments totaling $7.6 million for actions committed since 1989.