Gardening as meditation

Le jardinage comme méditation

MONTREAL – The interest in gardening has seen a significant increase since the beginning of the pandemic while a number of other leisure activities have been cancelled. The “24 Hours” will follow in the course of the summer of the evolution of the vegetable garden of the family beales editors, which has agreed to host.

Wednesday, the community garden at Verdun, John beales editors and son Benjamin braved the heat and worked together on the plot of land that is dedicated.

As every year, the parents and their two children start their garden around mid-may and hope to raise over the next few months a range of products, from garlic to lettuce through the perennials.

That is a lot of work: during periods of hot weather, the plants will require one or two waterings daily, while water for two days will suffice to the end of the season. It will also need to think about the weeding, and eventually harvesting.

Fortunately, Benjamin, 8 years old, was not idle. During our interview, he was helping his father by digging a few holes and watering the plants.

“I would love to have my own garden”, he says the same.


It has now been nine years that the president of the horticultural Society, The green thumb of Verdun uses gardening as “meditation”.

“This is a chance to be outside doing something [concrete]. In my job, everything I do is on my computer. This is not true,” says one who works as a webmaster.

Mr. beales editors has left Calgary with his wife in 2005 and moved to Montreal. Both were dancers of ballet professionals, and have pursued their art in the metropolis. Since then, Mr. beales editors has swapped the dance for it and his wife is now giving dance lessons.

Despite the COVID-19

Normally, the wait time to get a space that is about a year for the green thumb of Verdun, a period which is likely to increase considerably with the pandemic.

“It was at least 200 people on the waiting list, reveals Mr. beales editors. This year, it’s special,” he says, estimating that only eight of them will get a space.

John beales editors and his son Benjamin braved the heat Wednesday to take care of their vegetable garden at the community Garden at Verdun. The interest in gardening has seen a rise since the beginning of the pandemic while a number of other leisure activities have been cancelled.

The City of Montréal has authorized the re-opening of the community gardens from the beginning of the month. However, the number of gardeners present shall be controlled to ensure social distancing, and the craftsmen of the earth are encouraged to bring their own accessories.

Hand washing remains mandatory and common instruments are cleaned before and after each use.

Mr. beales editors warns those who want to garden to save money. In his case, the money saved is equivalent to the one spent for the purchase of seedlings and plants.

“We should also look at the time that it takes”, he adds. But, it allows him to more easily obtain certain items and to concoct jams or meal.

“I’ve never seen currants at the market. You can also have the best tomatoes”, does it give as an example.

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