Garik Kharlamov was amazed, seeing Kristina Asmus in bed with another man

Гарик Харламов восхитился, увидев Кристину Асмус в постели с другим мужчиной

today, 08:17

Recently famous Russian comedian Garik Kharlamov commented on Frank the scene in which he had to do his wife Christine Asmus. Consequently, he was glad, as she has proven herself in bed with another man.

As noted, after watching the movie the “Text” of Internet users were actively ask Kharlamov about how he treats extremely explicit scenes involving his wife Christina Asmus. So, a woman comedian had to strip off and simulate sex with somebody else’s husband.

Гарик Харламов восхитился, увидев Кристину Асмус в постели с другим мужчиной

To such resident of Comedy Club reminded users of the network, that his wife is an actress, and it is necessary in the movie scene for the story.

“So, frankly. So, on the brink. What? When I watch other movies, TV shows and there you see the sex scene, I don’t have the question” What do they allow themselves? They are not husband and wife! “Or” I thought people Sharon stone at the time of the transfer leg on a chair? He gave her permission “to have sex” full movie with Michael Douglas “. Or as brad pitt allowed to do this Jolie in some pictures? As it was impossible to make Monica Bellucci? Emilia Clarke? Here one can endlessly enumerate. It’s a MOVIE!” – said the comedian.

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According to Kharlamov in the film is not his wife, and there is a character she performs.

“What I think about my wife? I am proud of her! This is a very cool and challenging acting job and it was done brilliantly! Congratulations to Director Klim shypenko and the whole cast. It’s very cool! All this I wrote as a spectator! Now I write like a man: Eloan, shypenko and Jankowski – you ****** (Khan)! “- said Kharlamov.

Recall, full video sex scenes with his wife Kharlamov merged into the network.

As reported Know. ua Asmus and Kharlamov first graced the cover of gloss with a small daughter.

Also Know As. EN wrote, which is very spicy video with his wife Kharlamov Asmus saw everything, shame can not be avoided.

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