Gary Oldman – 61! The best movies with Oscar-winning actor

March 21 Gary Oldman is celebrating his birthday

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21 Mar, 08:52

Гэри Олдмену - 61! Лучшие фильмы с оскароносным актером

Gary Oldman

Today, March 21, Oscar-winner Gary Oldman is celebrating his birthday. The actor turns 61. We decided to make a compilation of the best films with the talented actor.

“Dark times”

Clearly, this film is must watch. For the role of Winston Churchill in this film, Oldman has received a gold figurine “Oscar”. It is worth noting that the actor performs brilliantly reincarnated as the greatest politician in the world. Give credit to the makeup artists who spend hours created the image of Gary.


After this film, Oldman became even more popular, because here he played the handsome, Vlad Tepes and his own, transformed into vampire count Dracula. The film was successful at the box office, but the game Oldman is flawless.

“The spy, come forth!”

Transformation into a sophisticated spy brought Oldmenu and a third nomination for a BAFTA award, and a nomination for “Oscar”. However, then the statue went to Frenchman Jean Dujardin for her role in the film “the Artist.” The very same detective Thriller Thomas Alfredson on the novel by John Le Carre fully absorbs your attention.

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

In this part and the next two – “Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire” and “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix” Oldman played the godfather of a young wizard Sirius black. Critics unflattering comments about him, saying naveivaet longing and sadness. However, fans of Harry Potter still overjoyed that the film was played by Gary Oldman. However, I advise you to watch from the beginning.

“Batman Begins”

Here Oldman played Commissioner James Gordon. The role Oldman has also not gone unnoticed: he received the award Scream Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Gary returned to the role Commissioner James Gordon in the final part of the trilogy about Batman.

We will remind, earlier the official Twitter page of the film “Dark times” published a video on creating makeup for Oldman.

Watch the video about how Gary Oldman last year celebrated the anniversary:

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Гэри Олдмену - 61! Лучшие фильмы с оскароносным актером

Гэри Олдмену - 61! Лучшие фильмы с оскароносным актером

Гэри Олдмену - 61! Лучшие фильмы с оскароносным актером


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