Gasoline prices continue to decline

Цены на бензин продолжают снижаться

Average prices across the country dropped to 6-8 COP/L.

From 6 to 7 December, retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine continued to decline, mainly in regional networks of stations.

It is reported online edition of the with reference to enkorr.

Average prices across the country dropped to 6-8 COP/l, reported in “Consulting group A-95” with reference to the data of monitoring of retail market.

Metropolitan network KLO lowered the price of gasoline by 50 kopecks/liter, and 20 kopecks/liter on diesel fuel. Presented in the Eastern regions network “Parallel” has reduced the prices of all fuels by 33 kopecks./

Also operating in the East “Avtoport” reduced prices for diesel fuel and A-95 by 50 kopecks/liter, A-92 – 1, 5 grn/l. the Fuel is cheaper and in Poltava network “Hope” Kirovograd “Ruhr Group”.

As prices continue to decline nationwide networks.

In the network of “BRSM-Nafta” fuel fell by 20-40 kopecks/liter, at stations Sun Oil – 26-44 COP/l, Chipo has reduced the prices of petrol and diesel fuel by 50 kopecks/liter, Socar – 40 kopecks/liter, Shell – by 10-20 kopecks./

On the eve of the the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in networks of OKKO and WOG decreased by 50 kopecks/liter, the day before by 1 UAH/l price reduced “Private”.

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