Gatherings: 131 denunciations and around 30 findings in one week in Quebec

Gatherings: 131 denunciations and around 30 findings in one week in Quebec

Receiving a large flood of calls of denunciations, the police officers of Quebec note that the desire to gather during the holiday season pushes many of them to go beyond the instructions of public health.

Between December 13 and 19, no less than 131 calls of denunciations were registered with the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ). Although this is a decrease of four calls from the previous week, the situation remains significant.

While most of the interventions only gave rise to warnings, 29 tickets of at least $ 1,543 were issued, says SPVQ spokesperson Sandra Dion.

During the same period, the teams of the police force dedicated to the good maintenance of the measures in the businesses visited 776 different establishments on the territory. Eight of the aforementioned findings were also handed over to businesses.

Quieter in Lévis

On the other side of the river, the situation is much less important. Only 23 calls of denunciations in this same period of time were reported to the Police Department of the City of Lévis (SPVL).

Of these, nine led to warnings, while the rest were found to be unfounded. No findings were issued. The squads dedicated to verifying the businesses visited a total of 128 of them without finding any misconduct.

“In general, since the installation of sanitary measures, we have seen that the people of Lévis are complying fairly well. The service does not have to deplore small groups that do not comply, things are going well on the territory ”, explains Constable Jean-Sébastien Levan, public relations of the police force.

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