Gatherings of less than 50 people: Quebecers reluctant

Rassemblements de moins de 50 personnes: les Québécois peu enthousiastes

Dominic Scali and
Jean-François Racine

Many Quebecers feel that yesterday’s announcement about gatherings in interiors with less than 50 people in public places won’t really impact on their everyday life.

The department of public health indicated that as of June 22, it will be possible for the population to return to the cinema, or attend shows.

“It seems a good news, but at the same time it is contradictory as the message. We déconfine some places, not others. In addition, it is not very clear, for distances. I think it is because there is the pressure made by the people. In any case, I don’t think going to the cinema immediately, ” said Wayne Boone, a Montreal 67 years.

The Newspaper has surveyed the pulse of the population vis-à-vis the new measures announced yesterday.

Rassemblements de moins de 50 personnes: les Québécois peu enthousiastes

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Wayne Boone

The rule of 2 metres will remain applied in almost all situations, but some easing will soon be possible, said the national director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda in point of press.

In contexts where people are sitting quietly, not to speak or move, will be allowed to be a 1.5 meter from each other. This applies for example to the classrooms and college and to entertainment venues.

“It’s really good for the culture, it shows that we are going in the right direction. This is encouraging, because it will enable them to revive themselves a bit “, is looking forward to his side Clara de Richoufftz, 22 years.

“It’s good for you. Maybe if there are good movies, we’ll go to the cinema ? “adds her friend Alizé Honen-Delmar.


Worried, some wonder if the limit of 50 persons will allow the rooms to be really profitable.

“Only a fool does not realize that the déconfinement is linked to the rage of the people to be confined. Am I going to go in a show of 50 people ? No way ! Unless it is separated by the seat, but it would ensure that the costs of administration will give a ticket to $ 100 instead of $ 75 “, argues Maude Guimont-Parent, Quebec.

“The cinemas and the theatres have much suffered during the crisis, adds François Nadeau. However, with rules in place, I don’t know if this will allow them to operate in a context that is cost-effective. Especially if the government is cutting the aid that was given during the crisis. “

“Too early,”

Now, for some, the province is still not ready for this kind of relaxation in the rules of public health, especially in the case of the Montreal metropolitan Community.

“I think that it was not there yet, it’s too early. The situation is not yet stabilised, not really in Montreal. I think we should be more careful, maybe even wait two weeks. People no longer respect the distance, it will get worse “, is worried about Franco Navaro, a father of a family.

Also, no change has been made as to the gatherings at the house, where the maximum of 10 people forming 3 cells family still holds.

“I wasn’t really at the cinema before, I don’t think more go now that this will be allowed. I would have been happier if it had involved family get-togethers, where we increased the limit, ” says his side Yann Pellier.

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