Gatineau: he forgets his cell phone containing child pornography

Gatineau: il oublie son cellulaire renfermant de la pornographie juvénile

Forgetting her cell phone in a trade will have serious consequences for a man of 62 years of Gatineau, whose mobile phone contained several pictures and videos of child pornography.

Without doubt somewhat distracted, Charles Trépanier has made in a trade of the sector of Buckingham at the beginning of the month of July.

Shortly after his departure, the cashier of the place would have found a cell phone and would have covered the content to be able to find its owner and return the phone.

She fell on pornographic material ” juvenile “in the form of photos and videos”, authorities have indicated.

“A credit card attached to the telephone revealed the identity of the device owner and the police have confirmed the information with the help of surveillance cameras of the trade”, has informed the police of Gatineau in a press release Wednesday.

Fearing for the safety of a child, the police have conducted an audit of emergency the home of Charles Trepanier, but no search has been performed.

The suspect has appeared in court under charges of possession of child pornography and accessing pornographic materials juvenile.

He still held until his return to court for subsequent court proceedings.

The police welcomed the presence of mind of the employee of the business, which has not hesitated to report his discovery to the authorities.

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