Gatineau: He offers a reward to find his snake

Gatineau: Il offre une récompense pour retrouver... son serpent

A python could be saved in the wild for several days, said on Monday the police of Gatineau, which would, however, like to reassure the population.

Friday, the owner of the snake would have communicated with the Division of animal control of the police of Gatineau advising that her pet was missing since several days already.”

The reptile, which measures a little less than a meter, would be disappeared in the area of Hautes-Plaines sector of Hull.

The concern would have jumped up a notch in the surrounding area after the owner of the python was affixed in the course of the last hours posters promising a reward to anyone who found the snake.

After consulting specialists from the SPCA de l’outaouais, the police said that the python sought “does not constitute a threat to the population”.

“This type of snake, and show no propensity for the attack. When it feels threatened or it is scared, it rolls into a ball […]. Mostly nocturnal, this type of snake likes as much heat as the cool and wet”, announced the police in a press release.

The police of Gatineau invites any person who found the python call 819 246 0222.

Moreover, it is not recommended that you attempt to handle it oneself, although he has been able to be accustomed to. This species of snake does not like to “not be particularly affected,” said the authorities.

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