“Gay flotilla”: Hungary refused to participate in the Eurovision song contest, the reason LGBT

"Гомосексуальная флотилия": Венгрия отказалась от участия в Евровидении, причина в ЛГБТ

today, 23:52

Hungary decided to abandon participation in the International song contest “Eurovision-2020”.

The official reasons for refusal have not been made public, but this is probably due to the fact that the competition looks “too gay” in the eyes of the right the Hungarian government and leaders of state media, reports The Guardian.

Hungary will not participate in Eurovision because the contest is “too gefi” according to extreme right-wing representatives of the government and state media.

And although the official reason for the refusal to participate was not named, most likely, this step is caused by the increasing homophobia rhetoric in Hungary where Prime Minister Viktor Orban, known for his hostility to immigrants, is pursuing a policy of “family above all”, aimed at supporting the traditional family and promote fertility.

"Гомосексуальная флотилия": Венгрия отказалась от участия в Евровидении, причина в ЛГБТ

Viktor Orban, photo The Guardian

Earlier this year, the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament has compared the adoption of children by same-sex couples with pedophilia. And last week the TV commentator on the public channel MTVA, which is called the “mouthpiece Orban”, called Eurovision “gay flotilla” and declared that refusal to participate will benefit the mental health of Hungarians. He added that “Eurovision” is the annihilation of taste “these outrageous drag Queens and bearded women.”

Representatives of the broadcaster MTVA stated that it is better to focus on supporting local music than to participate in the contest.

“Instead of having to participate in “Eurovision” in 2020, we will support the song, created by the talents of the Hungarian pop music,” they say.

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