Gay, gay schoolboy?

Gai, gai l’écolier?

Very different from what one has the habit of reading, a novel lightweight and sympathetic, which describes quite well what it does, not to be understood and encouraged in the school.

The only downside to this novel is that it forces us to skip the summer vacation to go directly to the end of August, when classes resume. As it is now six years old, Gustave Aubert will begin CP (the equivalent of the first year of primary school) and soon discover to his cost that to go to school, this is not always funny.

Kind of a dreamer, it will be very difficult for him to stay for a long time concentrated during the courses ; and unlike her older sister, who has almost no need to study in order to shine in any subject, he will have to constantly work twice as hard in the vain hope to get a few notes fair. The height of the horror, his professor accused him of having turned even to be slow…

Out of the water

The school system was not designed for long-term support for students in difficulty, Gustave will hear often, teachers treat dunce or idler. Which, over the years, will end fatally for attacking his self-esteem. But thanks to his family, who has always had faith in him, he will in spite of everything, to enter college (the equivalent of secondary school). A little miracle that will add a good dose of stress to his life. Because regardless of his efforts, Gustave will continue to harvest of the bad notes. At least until a professor different from the other goes to the trouble to really listen and to help.

Lightweight and without much pretension to literary, a novel full of humanity which will give courage to many parents.



in the Editions of the Threshold
304 pages”>

Max Monnehay
in the Editions of the Threshold
304 pages

Victor Caranne going every day to work in the prison, which is located on the island of Ré. Being a psychologist, he is paid to listen to everything that the inmates want him to say and often what they hear is not pretty-pretty. But compared to what he will soon have to face in order to discover the identity of the one who has murdered his mistress, it will be nothing. A good little polar to be put in the tooth during the holidays.

Rejuvenate one day at a time

Éditions Guy Saint-Jean
416 pages”>

Miranda Esmonde-White
Éditions Guy Saint-Jean
416 pages

We should not hide it, age is not always easy for everyone. A little pain here, another there and hop, even walking becomes painful ! In some cases, however, there is way to reverse the trend. This book explains how through a program of 30 days each year, designed to bring strength and flexibility, is clearly illustrated.

Waiting for the day

the Editions of The pocket book
480 pages”>

Michael Connelly
the Editions of The pocket book
480 pages

As we said earlier, it is with this book that Michael Connelly introduced the character of Renee Ballard, a brilliant inspector who once shone to the division of Robberies and Killings. But because of the complaint of sexual harassment she filed against her former manager, she now works night at the office of Hollywood. An assignment that she will eventually love him in investigating smooth on the affairs that interest them.

Buddha bowls & other dishes inratables nothing for me !

Editions Larousse
208 pages”>

Editions Larousse
208 pages

Even if the title suggests the contrary, almost all of the recipes for buddha bowls offered in this book have been designed for two or four people. And all consist of one third proteins (fish, lentils, tofu, poultry, or red meat) and two-thirds vegetables. A precious ally for cooking health quickly, well done.

Chills guaranteed

Michael Connelly
Editions Calmann-Lévy
468 pages”>

Night dark and sacred
Michael Connelly
Editions Calmann-Lévy
468 pages

Night dark and sacred

No need to introduce Harry Bosch, the hero fetish by Michael Connelly. As we can follow the surveys for nearly 30 years, many readers already know that he has long been one of the best inspectors in Los Angeles and after having reached the age of retirement, he became a reserve officer with the San Fernando Police Department. A way like another to be able to legally continue to solve murders. And the one who obsess in this 24th installment has been committed nine years earlier.

When two brains are better than one

In 2009, the body of Daisy Clayton, a young unfortunate tendency to run away from 15 years of age, was found in a dumpster around Cahuenga Boulevard. A case sordid unresolved that will require Bosch to go for a little night tour to the commissioner of the division of Hollywood. Is precisely here where we work inspector Renée Ballard, of whom it has been able to make the knowledge last year in waiting for the day.

As it can be read on the banner placed at the frontispiece, their meeting will be exceptional. Because as tenacious as the other one, they will do everything in their power to put the hand on the murderer of Daisy… and encourage us to turn the pages at any speed !

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