GB: the counselor of Johnson denies having breached the containment

GB: le conseiller de Johnson se défend d’avoir enfreint le confinement

LONDON | It has not proposed if thought to resign: after three days of political storm, the special adviser to the british prime minister, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, defended on Monday to have breached containment in place to fight against the coronavirus.

After three days of storm, the leader of the conservative government believed that ” the people will make their opinion “.

A little earlier in the day, the brain of the referendum campaign in 2016 which has led to the Brexit has claimed that he had acted in a way that “legal and reasonable” by browsing through 400 km in spite of the containment which required the British to stay at home.

Precise chronology to support, he explained, have chosen to travel with his wife and their four year old son at home with his parents to Durham, in the north-east of England, so that he feared he might have contracted the Covid-19. The family stayed in a building on the family property. He had never, he said, no solution to child care in London.

In the Face of journalists gathered in the gardens of Downing street, the mighty counsellor controversial and indicated that he had not “proposed” or “intended” to resign, in spite of the crowd of calls in this direction, including within the conservative majority.

However, he also acknowledged that he had not discussed this move with the prime minister, who was tested positive to the Covid-19, a ” mistake “, he said, the only one he has granted. “I don’t think there is a rule for me and one rule for the population,” he said, taking down a formula hammered by the labour opposition.

Number of daily newspapers summed up the case on A Tuesday ” or regrets or excuses “.

During a press conference on Monday evening, the conservative head of government said that it regretted the “confusion” and “anger” that has swept the United Kingdom over the past three days.

After more than two months of confinement, Boris Johnson has announced a major easing of restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus, which has done around 37,000 deaths in the Uk, the second country in the world the hardest-hit after the United States

As of June 15, “we have the intention to allow all the businesses non-core shopping centres to small independent stores, to reopen,” announced the head of the conservative government. The shops outside, such as markets and car salesmen, will be able to resume on the 1st of June. The hairdressing and beauty, as well as the hospitality industry, remain closed.


Yesterday, Boris Johnson had flown to the rescue of Dominic Cummings, ensuring that it has acted ” responsibly, lawfully, and with integrity “. But despite his intervention, a twenty conservative mps continued to demand the departure of the advisor.

“This is a classic case of the” do as I say, not as I do+ “, has estimated the former minister in the conservative Paul Maynard, ” it seems completely untenable, his position is untenable “.

“It was a test for the prime minister, and he failed,” responded the leader of the opposition labour party Keir Starmer, denouncing ” an insult to the sacrifices made by the british people “.

The criticisms are largely beyond the political spectrum. According to one of the scientists in charge of advising the government, prof Stephen Reicher, Boris Johnson has “rolled all the advice that we have given on how to ensure trust and membership” of the British with the instructions necessary to combat the spread of the virus.

Leaders of the Church have abounded in the same sense : “the question now is this : is it that we accept that we have to lie and that the prime minister takes us for pears ? “, has tweeted the bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines.

Before this case, the head of health services at a scottish and then a scientific advisor to the british had been pinned for not having complied with the rules of containment. The one and the other had immediately resigned.

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