GDPL: Pierre Lavoie proud of and a goal surpassed

GDPL: un Pierre Lavoie fier et un objectif surpassé

MONTREAL | This is the Sunday that concluded the epic through the Quebec of Pierre Lavoie and his few cronies, who have stopped their wheels to the Institute of cardiology of Montreal after a journey of 580 kms in three days, originating in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Pandemic COVID-19 forces, the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie has had to be held together, but at a distance, and the objective of the million of miles in a weekend has been largely exceeded. At the time of the arrival of the cyclists, around 14: 30, exactly 1 524 697 km had been travelled by Quebecers, a fact that affects the co-founder of the event, which is more unifying than ever.

“It has been said to Quebecers: “Go ahead, it’s free”. It has been very inclusive, said Pierre Lavoie, a few minutes after his arrival in the parking lot of the hospital centre. For once, the 1000 km becomes 1 000 000. For once, the 1000 km is for walkers, runners, swimmers, in-line skating and for children, adults, and the elderly. […] I am proud and moved to see the response of Quebecers.”

The mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante

Advantage of Sorel-Tracy Sunday morning and have planned a stop in Sainte-Julie, Mr. Lavoie was joined by a dozen cyclists, including several guests, including the mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante, for the last 10 kilometres, and the president and chief executive officer of Quebecor, Pierre Karl Péladeau. Just as the Institute of cardiology, the company is media partner of the action of the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie since its inception.

The GDPL is concluded usually at the olympic Stadium, but the alternative has given a beautiful showcase for the researchers of the Institute in which harmonizes perfectly with the message from Pierre Lavoie on healthy life habits, all the more vital in these uncertain times.

Pierre Karl Péladeau

“This is great, because prevention is important to us,” said president and chief executive officer of the institution, Mélanie La Couture. […]. It is associated with the Défi Pierre Lavoie since the beginning and we are happy that they finish it here this year. Usually, you can’t receive them because there are so many cyclists, but this year it was perfect.”

Continue with the application

The people who still have the desire to move will have until Monday morning to enter their kilometres in the application is 1 000 000 KM Together. Mr. Lavoie would be very happy to reach the plateau of 1.8 million. One thing is certain, the scorching heat has not helped.

“I prepared myself physically and I was ready to pass on a message”, he added.

An important message, especially because, according to Dr. Martin Juneau, who was also present on the spot, less than 50 % of Quebecers would be physical activity. “It will not prevent getting a virus, but it is sure that the people in shape, in health, through better an episode of viral illness. For the population, for the morale of the people, I believe that this is a very nice initiative,” said the director of prevention at the heart Institute and close friend of Pierre Lavoie.

It is for these reasons that the application is not likely to disappear anytime soon, being too great, according to Mr. Lavoie, who is in better shape than the majority, and this, at age 58.

“We see the potential. People are used to it, he said. There are our Major markets who will arrive in October. Is it that they will still be on the application? Is it that we can get together? We’ll see. Here, we have a tool to continue. It’s worthwhile to invest there.”

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