Gemini awards: 15 nominations for “This is the way that I love you”

Prix Gémeaux: 15 nominations pour «C’est comme ça que je t’aime»

It is like that that I love you opens the market in view of the 35es Gemini Awards. The series of François Létourneau gets 15 nominations.

It is like that that I love you is followed closely by another series that you can watch on HERE Extra, Fragile. The drama, starring Marc-André Grondin and Pier-Luc Funk harvest 13 mentions. With 11 nominations each, the Bye Bye 2019, District 31, The flaw , and Leo completed the podium.

Among the other productions mentioned several times, we Nomads (8), guard 24/7 (7), adult (7), For ever plus a day (7) and the life (7).

Véronique Cloutier will host the awards ceremony on Sunday 20 September to 20 h to HERE Tv. Arnaud Soly will be overseeing the before-first in the afternoon. The formula for the gala has not yet been unveiled.

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